We Can Also Decorate

Not every customer wants the same old decoration in the same location. Superior’s expertise in retail trends, such as “bling” and mixed media techniques, can create a fashion-forward program that includes a variety of products. Superior has the capabilities to decorate more than just tees and hoodies! We offer contract decorating on a wide variety of garments, including Beanies, Baseball Hats, and Sweatpants.

We Can Also Decorate


Please call for specifics.


Embroider only: up to 3″
Location: first 4″ from the bottom


Imprint: Size varies (one color only)
Embroider only: Size varies
Location: Dependent on style of backpack


Embroider only: 6″ x 2″
(height varies depending on style of hat)
Location: front or back


Imprint: 15″ on leg
Embroider: size varies
Location: leg, hip, butt

*In order to ensure a product can be decorated as required, please contact factory first for recommendations and pricing.