Printing Over Zippers Screen-Printing Technique

With the popularity of all-over printing, it’s becoming increasingly common to screen print over zippers, seams and pockets, particularly on fleece apparel. 

Superior’s expertise in helping with the selection or design of artwork, as well as the correct printing setup, means you can achieve outstanding results. 

Over-the-Seam/Zipper & Custom artwork is rendered to meet custom positions. (E.g. On the hood, over the shoulder area, over the zipper, inside the hood, etc.) Artwork needs to be created to allow for space between the hood and back imprint. In order to achieve good image detail and ink penetration into the garment, the design must take into account the variable height of the print surface when printing over different layers of fabric, seams or zippers. Distressed artwork works good for this.  Artwork needs to be created to allow for this, and we recommend using line art rather than solid block areas to reduce unnecessary heavy ink coverage. We also recommend 1 color designs only. 

Learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts of Printing over Zippers.

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