Specialty Printing: Glitter / Metallic Inks

Add some “bling” to your customer’s printed apparel. Glitter and Metallic inks are the best way to bring sparkle into any design. 


Glitter pieces are combined with any color ink to add a fun and attractive sparkle to the design. It is still very durable since it is a screen-printed ink, making glitter both an exciting and versatile choice. Silver and gold are the standard colors offered; additional charges may apply for custom colors.  

Metallic Inks

Metallic inks are another options for you to achieve “shine” in your design. The most durable, it is the best choice for athletic or school items that need to be robust for constant wear. When light is reflected off of the ink, it causes it to shine. Metallic inks work best when there are no small details to fill, as the ink is a bit thicker than normal. Silver and gold are the standard colors offered in this technique.

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