Mixed Media

Mix and match different decorating techniques to create dramatic visual effects that make logos and designs truly pop. 

Sparkling glitter, foil or metallic sheens, bright colors printed in a variety of versatile ways and high-quality embroidery that allow you to promote the power of any logo. 

Superior’s in-house design team can illustrate the various options to mix and match techniques to create stunning art or logos. 



Retail-inspired designs are calling for softer and softer printing. The current inks available make this easy on white or light garments with the use of fashion soft base additives, water-based inks and high mesh counts. Achieving soft prints on dark garments is not as straightforward, but Superior has the expertise to achieve that “barely there” feel that is all the rage.

  • Superior-Wrap-Magnolia_2
    Foil and Wrap
  • Mixed Media
    Blue Shirt: Belt and Jumbo / Pink Shirt: Regular and Wrap
  • Mixed Media
    Rhinestones and Jumbo
  • Mixed Media
    Soft-hand Jumbo and Embroidery
  • mixed-media-cropped
    Screenprint and Foil